American Delirium Society 6th Annual Meeting Starts Today!

This is a shout out regarding the American Delirium Society Annual Meeting in Nashville which starts today. I’m hoping to catch live tweets about the highlights in the next couple of days. I’m always on duty when the meeting is held. The one I did attend a few years ago was fantastic. There was a ton of practical clinically oriented seminars, thought-provoking research presentations, and I got to hobnob with luminaries like Drs. Alasdair MacLullich, Wes Ely, Sharon Inouye, Joseph Flaherty, and many others too numerous to mention.

See the video above, which is an outstanding general educational production about the critical importance of understanding why it’s so important to prevent delirium.

Look for tweets about this meeting and about the science and practice of preventing delirium. Delirium Awareness Week June 14-21 is also coming up!

I’d love to be there. But somebody’s gotta be on call for delirium in the hospital here. Have a great time.