UIHC Psychiatry Matball Challenge 2016–In The Books!

The Annual UIHC Psychiatry Department Matball Challenge, Residents vs Faculty is in the books. The residents win…again! The temperature was:

92 degrees

MatballAnd there was just a hint of an irregularity–deflategate. There were no witnesses, of course. I was not in any way involved. A hole in the ball raised the suspicion of wildlife activity, but it could not be confirmed. Alien involvement remains a possibility, as Ancient Astronaut theorists contend.Hair Guy ancient-aliens





Off hand, I’d say the ball melted. And I’m not sure what the rules says about it, but there might be something just a bit off about inflating your score by carrying 5 year old children around the bases–just sayin’.

Dr. Emily Morse actually acquired a brand new trophy. There is only one trophy this year, probably in order to reduce the chances of another jello incident.

Save our sense of humor!!
Save our sense of humor!!

It would be a lot more challenging to put this one in jello:

Matball Trophy June 2016 Pow

We’ll get’em next year.

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