Designating Dr. Jenny Lind Porter’s Home A Historic Landmark Project: Still Alive by Kathleen Smith

Thank you so much for your response. I have enjoyed reading your blog and the posts from previous students. She seems to have been well admired and made quite an impression.
We were able to get a 30 day postponement and our neighborhood association, as well as many of her longtime friends are working on getting more letters of support to the Landmark Commission. Along with Dr. Porter living there for over 35 years, the house was designed by Hugo Franz Kuehne, who was the founder of the school of architecture at the University of Texas and designed many of Austin’s prominent buildings. That is a pretty powerful combination!
Thank you so much for writing to the commission! If any other students are out there and would like to help, please write in to the Landmark Commission.
We truly appreciate your help!
Kathleen Smith
Old Enfield Neighborhood Board
Austin Texas

Below is a copy of my presentation to the Committee: Monday, June 27th

“I think we could all agree, that Texas women, in the fields of teaching and writing have long been under appreciated and under recognized in our state and city. Especially in view of the important contributions they have made.

The Texas Women’s Hall of Fame was established in 1984 to honor the state’s most accomplished women. Inductees include first ladies, teachers, astronauts, and athletes. Again, first ladies, teachers, astronauts, and athletes.

Dr. Jenny Lind Porter was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1985.
Poet Laureate of Texas, named as an Outstanding Educator of America and selected for the International Who’s Who of Poetry. She was an author and beloved teacher who taught English and Creative writing to some 12,000 Texas students.
Dr. Porter earned her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.
Had a scholarship named after her.
She is the Niece of writer O. Henry, whose real name was William S. Porter and she made major contributions of his letters to the Austin History Center, O. Henry museum.

Austin Architect Hugo Franz Kuehne was the founder of the school of architecture at the University of Texas. His building at 720 E. 32nd Street, the Cox-Craddock House, is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
He founded the architecture library, which is one of the most important collections in the country.
His major works include: the Austin History Center,
The Bohn Brothers and Steck buildings on Congress Ave,
The Commodore Perry Hotel,
the International Life building,
the American National Bank…to just name a few.
Kuehne was Named Austin’s Most Worthy Citizen in1954.
“His Beaux-Arts style design was a major force, in the shaping of Austin’s Visual image” That is a direct Quote from the Austin History Center.

Now let’s combine Dr Jenny Lind Porter and architect Hugo Kuehne and we have 1715 Summit View in the Old Enfield neighborhood.
This home was designed by architect Kuehne and owned and resided in by Dr Porter for 35 years.
Shouldn’t this house, that brings these two, incredibly noteworthy and important Austinites together be granted historic landmark status based on this information alone?
Thank you for your consideration.”