Vote For The Respectable Name

My vote has been cast in the new Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) name change poll extravaganza and it’s no secret I prefer C-L Psychiatry, despite the name of my blog. It was a simple enough poll. First it asked what name my organization currently uses and then it requested my suggestion for an alternative. After a little checking I was not altogether sure what name our department uses consistently. I’ve seen several: the old GHP which stands for General Hospital Psychiatry, Psychiatry Consults, and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry which you can find on our web site and our email communications regarding trainee schedules.

I’ve heard the name “Psychosomatic Medicine Division” in casual conversation, but not that often. We use the name “Psychosomatic Medicine Interest Group (PMIG) for our new case conference interest group, which is going quite well. It’s a pizza driven thing.

Core Competency Pizza

Core Competency Pizza

This whole name change thing falls through if sponsoring organziations like the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), who gave us the name Psychosomatic Name in the first place, say “No name change allowed.” It turns out we don’t have any authority to change our name. It’s the accrediting bodies and other important stakeholders who are in control, including the American Psychiatric Association, the ABPN, and the Psychiatry Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

And the APM membership might not be able to reach an agreement about an alternative name. I wonder if we can come up with a name that has a nice enough ring to it. Say we would like to change the name of the PMIG, for example. What would they sound like if we used the choices from my informal poll?

C-L Psychiatry Interest Group (CLPIG)–reminds me of the hog calling contest at the county fair.

General Hospital Psychiatry Interest Group (GHPIG)–you can actually find another concept this acronym stands for here and you might even find someone who understands this at the upcoming Alien Convention in Santa Clara. Remember to pack your antennae!

Med-Surg Psychiatry Interest Group (MSPIG)–why am I thinking about muppets?

Neuroscience Medicine Consult Interest Group (NMCIG)–this makes me think of smoking.

Psychoencephaloduodenocholestatic Medicine Interest Group (PMIG)–huh; no change.

Psychiatry-for-all-the-patients-that-most-psychiatrists-don’t-want-to-work-with Interest Group (PFATPTMPDWTWWIG)–this will result in jaw fracture.

Neuropsychiatry Interest Group (NIG)–too close to something else.

Ergasiology Interest Group (EIG)–the shortest, and the gassiest; it’s just right and very respectable.

I suggest you read Don R. Lippsitt’s book “Foundations of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: The Bumpy Road to Specialization.” And for the purpose of voting in the poll, whether it’s the one from APM or my informal and, of course, tongue-in-cheek poll, skip to Section IV, Chapter 11: “Specialization: Boon or Bane?” as a guide before deciding what name to substitute for “Psychosomatic Medicine.”

Recommend a respectable name.

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