A Plan For Turning The Tide Of The Opioid Epidemic

In keeping with the “Turn the Tide” approach to promote responsibility by doctors and patients alike regarding reducing the harms from the opioid epidemic, my former teacher, Dr. Bill Yates, wrote an excellent post on the subject recently:



Dr. Michael Strong, MD
Dr. Michael Strong, MD


uche-madukaAnd a couple of days ago at our monthly Psychosomatic Medicine Interest Group (PMIG) meetings one of our top residents, Dr. Michael Strong, MD, and a couple of very talented and hard-working medical students gave an outstanding presentation on helping pregnant patients cope with opiate addiction, based on recent updates in the medical literature. See the slides below, which are in perfect order, more than I can say about my own slides yesterday at a Grand Rounds presentation. They were all mixed up, which has never happened to me before in front of a live audience. I had to ad lib, which led to the absolutely authentic award below for improvisation during a Grand Rounds:

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Incidentally, I and other physicians got an email message from the office of the UIHC Vice President’s Office for Medical Affairs transmitting the U.S. Surgeon General’s letter to clinicians about how to respond to the opioid epidemic.


Like many doctors, I took the pledge.

I don’t know anything about jazz. While you can learn to improvise jazz by training your ear, we need a plan for attacking the opioid epidemic–and for presenting a lecture. Remember to check your slides.

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