ABPN MOC Delirium PIP Finally A Real Thing. Yeesssssss.

Remember that Maintenance of Certification Delirium Performance in Practice (PIP) tool? It’s a real thing now. It was approved about a year ago and it has finally been published on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) website. One of our top residents, Dr. Emily Morse, D.O., helped me put this thing together.


Yes, that’s right. We are the Jedi Knights of the Delirium PIP tool. Although, since the clinical module requirements have changed…is it passe? Dr. Morse and I had a frank discussion about it–in Yoda-Speak naturally.

yoda-jim-amos“Approved the Delirium PIP tool, the ABPN has, but changed, now that the PIP requirements have, do we even need it, hmm?”




yoda-emily-morse“Remember to get in touch with the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine to let them know of our delirium Jedi success did you, hmm? Yes, hmmm.



yoda-jim-amos“I definitely did and boy excited are they. I think. Yeesssssss.




yoda-emily-morse“The President and CEO of ABPN, what does, Larry Faulkner, MD, of it think, hmm? Yeesssssss.”




darth-vader-larry-faulkner“I earn close to a million dollars, did you know that? I am your PAPA!”




yoda-jim-amos“Nooooo, that is possible not!”




yoda-emily-morse“Ever be removed from the MOC requirements, I wonder whether Part IV of the Maintenance of Certification will, hmm?”




darth-vader-larry-faulkner“Not while I have the firepower of this fully armed and operational ABPN Approved Products List!”




yoda-jim-amos“Never, never turn to the dark side, I will. Hmmmmmm.”




darth-vader-larry-faulkner“I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought order, security, predictability, and bureaucratic beauty to my empire. Now if I could just figure out how to work this confounded light sabre!”



yoda-emily-morse“The little button on the side that has the word, is it ‘on’ printed on it. Hmmmmmm.”




yoda-jim-amos“Regulations not make one great. That is why you fail.”




yoda-emily-morse“Just for once let yourself look on us with your own eyes and through the lens of the regulator not. Yes, hmmm.”




darth-vader-larry-faulkner“You were right. You were right about me. Tell my boss, the American Board of Medical Specialties President and CEO, Dr. Lois Margaret Nora, JD, MD, MBA, you were right.”



Yoda-Speak based on the Yoda-Speak Generator.