Short Ramble About The New Psychiatry Consult Office

We have a new psychiatry consult office. You can compare it to the old one, which was much smaller. Our printer isn’t working yet. And there’s no place to put the mascots, at least that I can see so far.

I’m also supposed to be moving to a new office again, which will be right across the hall from the new consult office–just as I was situated before.

We can’t have too much change. It would be a shock to the system.

I still walk Winston, the main mascot, down to the gift shop to get some gas when he’s depleted. It’s a reminder to me of the importance of remaining humble. The other reminder to remain humble is my camp stool, which I still use so I can sit down when I interview patients in the general hospital.

These little traditions will likely disappear when I do, when I retire. I sometimes wonder how other general hospital psychiatry consultation services manage these transitions.

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  1. Sorry to bomb this thread, but comments are closed for “Maintenance of Certification: A Reply by Dr. James Amos, MD,” and I think you might like to know that as of June 15, 2017 ABPN listings say this:
    Certified Boland, Robert Joseph M.D. Boston MA Psychiatry Certificate #36059 issued 11/30/1992 certificate valid indefinitely

    Dr. Boland was last certified 25 years ago and would not meet the recertification/MOC standards he advocates. He is not, and has never, participated in ABPN recertification or MOC. If he had, he would have been listed as “Voluntarily recertified” or “Voluntarily enrolled in MOC” with the relevant dates for this.

    Some might think that these important facts discredits Boland’s opinion that psychiatrists should participate in MOC.


    1. I went to the ABPN website to check Dr. Boland’s certification status, which I should have done immediately after getting the notice above. It turns out Dr. Boland is, in fact, “meeting MOC requirements.” Go to ABPN verifyCERT and check.


  2. “I sometimes wonder how other general hospital psychiatry consultation services manage these transitions.”

    Don’t know the answer to that one Jim.

    What I do know is that the camp stool to interview patients in the hospital <- priceless!


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