This is a just a short post about my gratitude. It is prompted by a couple of messages I received last week. One of them was from Dr. Luisella Magnani, letting me know about the International Guide "Are you worried about your child?" She was one of the participants who put the guide together. It's … Continue reading Gratitude

Life After Residency

The residents have been holding panel discussions on a variety of issues. An upcoming meeting will focus on life after residency. The panels are composed of visitors invited to provide interesting and helpful perspectives. I have high esteem for the trainees as well as faith in their creativity, practicality, and tenacity. They’re also tech-savvy. They … Continue reading Life After Residency

Thoughts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I’m sitting here still getting used to phased retirement. It’s a bit awkward, especially now that the Martin Luther King Jr Day is coming up here at The University of Iowa on Monday, January 15, 2018. That’s because part of the theme, which comes from a MLK quote is “Where do we go from here?” … Continue reading Thoughts for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Here's my first post for the new year and it's about perspective. I got the idea while griping about the cold weather we've had for the past few days. I had to enlist the aid of two of our Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry mascots to keep an eye on the office thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature … Continue reading Perspective