This is a just a short post about my gratitude. It is prompted by a couple of messages I received last week. One of them was from Dr. Luisella Magnani, letting me know about the International Guide “Are you worried about your child?” She was one of the participants who put the guide together. It’s for both families and health care professionals to help families taking care of children with serious illness.

Thank you, Dr. Magnani.

New GHHS pin

The other message was a sad one, announcing the death of Dr. Arnold P. Gold, the co-founder of the Gold Foundation. It arrived a couple of days after Luisella’s message. I still wear my Humanism in Medicine pin from the Gold Foundation.

Thank you, Dr. Gold.

I can’t help but feel that the two messages are in some way connected. Luisella is spreading the message of humanism in medicine. Dr. Gold has been sending it. I’m grateful to both.