The Geezer Makes Pizza

I’ve been a doctor for so long, I’ve gotten way out of practice doing things I used to like that were not work-oriented.  When I fully retire, I’ll have more time on my hands.

Believe it or not, I used to make a pretty good pizza–about 35 years ago. I asked my wife, Sena, to get the usual fixings. I get around the whole crust thing by using Jiffy mix. It’s not necessarily cheating because I add things like a little sugar and garlic, et cetera.

It’s all in the et cetera and more about amore.

Jiffy’s been around for a lot longer than 30 years. They got started back in 1930. Our pizza pan is well over 30 years old and probably closer to 40. We have a calculator that’s also over 30 years old I posted about on the first day of spring this year, March 20, 2018.

I’m a little over 30, so it all fits in the cosmic scheme of things.

There are way more ingredients than I show in the picture, of course. It tasted just like we remembered. I’ll be making pizza more often.


2 thoughts on “The Geezer Makes Pizza

  1. Jim,
    My wife and I eat pizza every week. I asked her when the last time we made pizza and she said: “A gazillion years ago.”
    In Minnesota we have a chain called Papa Murphy’s and they make it uncooked. We customize that and bring it home and bake it. Much better than frozen and you can minimize the calorie size by crust thickness and moderating the cheese levels.
    Your pizza looks great!


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    1. Hi George! We’re probably going to have pizza more than once a week now. I had forgotten how good the handmade stuff is. We sometimes get pizza from Falbo’s, an outfit that got its start in Madison, Wisconsin, where we first tried it. They opened a store here in Iowa City years ago.

      I guess I should try to moderate the calories. We do Papa Murphy’s (Sena says a “gazillion years ago.”). We like it. There is also a very popular old pizza joint here called Pagliai’s that is pretty special. It’s a family owned and run business.

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