Just an announcement. I blinked first on the blog site advertisements issue (see Vintage Geezer post). I upgraded and you won’t see ads.  One reason I did this is so readers won’t get annoyed. The other is that I’ve got more time on my hands now that I’m in phased retirement.

If I’m going to spend a little more time blogging, I don’t want to look at the ads either. I guess one exception is the ad for the book I and Dr. Robert G. Robinson edited.

Psychosomatic Medicine: Little Book

Be on the lookout for a new edition by different editors. It will be outstanding. I’m talking too much about work.

I will also be looking for other things to do as I evolve into a retiree. One of them will be bird-watching. I didn’t take the picture of the pileated woodpecker above. My wife, Sena, did. She knew I wouldn’t believe her if she told me she’d seen one in the back yard about 6 years ago when we lived in a different neighborhood.

She has heard loud pecking noises lately outside in our newer backyard and thinks it might be another pileated woodpecker. She’ll have to snap another picture of it before I’ll believe it.

I’m not the photographer that my former teacher, Dr. Bill Yates, is but I enjoy bird watching whether I take pictures or not.

I need to find my binoculars. You need to have a steady gaze looking for the pileated woodpecker. If you blink, you’ll miss it.