Career Transitions: Quitting My Day Job

A few of us in phased retirement were invited to present our perspectives on it at a meeting this fall. The title is “Career Transitions: preparing for life without a day job.”

Quitting your day job doesn’t make you a quitter by any means. Speakers will cover financial topics, staying engaged after retirement, pitfalls to avoid and opportunities for wellness. After all, wellness management is just as important as wealth management. Pursuant to this, my wife gave me a new pair of shoes befitting a retiree.

This is just another area in which The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is ahead of the curve.

The organizer will pencil me in for now because I don’t yet have my schedule for the academic year. It sounds like fun and I hope to go. Maybe I could get someone to cover for me.

I remember, about a year ago, a Las Vegas psychiatrist commented on one of my posts that it might be interesting if I crafted some kind of ongoing narrative about my own transition to retirement. So far my narrative has been on the choppy side, partly because it’s keyed to whether or not I’m on service.

However, my posts are gradually showing that I’m rediscovering other interests besides my day job. For example, I blog more about non-work related topics like bird watching. That reminds me, Bill and Coo, the Mourning Doves who have been camping out around our house (pooping and whatnot) are definitely house hunting. They are climbing around in our front window box.

A robin may be settling on our flowering crab apple tree. And we caught sight of a male House Finch with his flamboyant scarlet head flitting around our evergreen trees. 




As I mentioned above, I’m also making a transition in footwear. There was a time when wingtips were my style, although that has changed over the years because I tend to climb a lot of stairs on the job as a consulting psychiatrist. As of my birthday, I have a pair of shoes more consistent with a geezer heading into retirement.

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