Watch Out; Geezer In The Yard!

We’re just getting out from under a spring snowfall. There is a small pile left in the back yard, typical for my shoveling style. I just throw it over the porch rail, creating a mountain which takes a while to melt. Just let me know if you want printed instructions on the technique.

I don’t have any.

I’ll be doing more yard work now that I’m retiring. I’m pretty sure my wife, Sena, will appreciate that. Chasing me across the street is just her cute way of showing it. She cleaned out the window box today, “And I helped!,” just like the old commercial with the little kid in the kitchen assisting Grandma preparing Shake and Bake chicken. Well, sort of like that; except, I can’t get the accent right–among other things.

Speaking of the window box, this reminds me that we have missed Bill and Coo, the Mourning Dove pair today for the first time in the last several days. They may have found other digs, possibly after watching a few episodes of House Hunters. That’s my guess.

I might leave the poll (“What To Do About Bill and Coo”) up for a couple more days. The only vote so far is for making a house for the birds. It may be a moot point.

The window box looks a little more comfortable but it still has a lot of pointy artificial foliage, which can smart if a bird sits on it. It’s probably a lot more comfortable when it has real plants in it.

Getting back to my yard work, among my many demanding assignments today was to pick up dead leaves around the edges of the house and in the window well. There go my hamstrings. Looking on the bright side, I could get them in great shape since I’ll be doing this kind of work more often, depending on the outcome of my disability claim, of course.

You never know what you’re going to find when you’re picking up around the yard. Among the dead leaves I spied what looked like a live one. Being a guy, at first I just ignored it and tossed it in the bag with the rest of the trash.

But then I found another one, and later what looked like a flower. How much more evidence do you need for an alternate reality? I also had to be careful where I stepped. I discovered a little spoor from what is no doubt a Sasquatch. Funny how it resembles rabbit turds.


Anyhow, I am preparing for doing the lawn work including mowing and fertilizing (using Sasquatch turds, sparingly), and spreading weed and grub control, all while wearing the appropriate HAZMAT suit, I assure you. Don’t try this at home. I’m a professional.