Keenan Laraway, MD on Mentorship

Keenan Laraway MD

I got a nice surprise yesterday. Keenan Laraway, MD is one of the internal medicine residents with whom I’ve worked. He said some very nice things about me on the Short Coat Podcast on April 12, 2018. He’s headed to the University of Pennsylvania for a fellowship in Nephrology.

Keenan has rotated through the Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison service a couple of times, once as a medical student and more recently in his senior year as an elective. Both times he delivered or participated in outstanding Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentations.

That’s rare. And he said I think like an internist. Definitely no one has ever said that about me. Most people would say I think like a geezer.

He was the subject of special post on K’velling. That’s Yiddish for an expression of extraordinary pride. I learned the term from a New York City psychoanalyst.

Graduating resident, Dr. Paul Thisayakorn and his mentor, Dr. Jim Amos

The mentoring relationship works both ways. I learned a lot from Keenan. I can recall another such relationship with Dr. Paul Thisayakorn, MD who is now practicing in in his native Thailand.

Dr. Paul Thisayakorn graduated from the UIHC Psychiatry Residency, finished a Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship in Cleveland and has now come full circle back to his home in Bangkok, Thailand, as a psychiatrist, teaching the next generation . He thinks of me sometimes and I’m very proud of him.

That reminds me of another feature of successful mentoring relationships, at least for me–I have the impression they are rare. I think that’s partly because I have the impression that young physicians like Keenan and Paul are rare.

I’m probably wrong. There are many of them out there. Geezers like me just need to reach out to them.

I really treasure the relationships I have with my trainees, medical students, residents, pharmacy residents, and psychology residents. In many ways, they’ve given me so much more than I’ve given them.

I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

It was Keenan (the “trainee”) who asked me about the Thomsen Chair last week. He wanted to know how to get one and whether I would be on service any time before July (I will not). I think he wanted more punishment on the psychiatry consult service. He’s that kind of doctor. I wish him all the best.

Keenan Laraway, MD and Jim Amos, MD

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