Walk It Off

Bureaucracy annoys me sometimes. I took a break from it and went for a walk today. Walking it off is always good for me. I’m a retiring Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist and it’s usual for me to get 2-3 miles every day on the smartphone app step counter along with around 20 floors because I hate waiting for elevators.

Now that I’m not working as much, sitting is more frequent, especially in the winter season—which is apparently lasting longer this year.

There’s always the Clear Creek trail nearby and before I started, I was pretty mired in frustration with all things bureaucratic. A good example of the kind of stuff that gripes me is captured in the Post Office scene in the movie Men in Black II—only it’s not funny in real life.

Just walking without churning does it for me. I get to the place where I hear frogs cheeping. They always stop when I get close, trying to catch them in mid-cheep. I just hear them; never see them.

There are some new features along the trail. A couple of foot bridges were installed sometime since the last time I was there.

I caught sight of a couple of deer. They’re like ghosts when the light starts to wane.

Getting a picture of a robin was comical. Every time I tried to move up a little closer, it would strut officiously further off. Robins are good at strutting officiously. They would make good bureaucrats.

Not much vegetation yet, but I think it’s just around the corner. I’m ready any time.