Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2018 and I plan to observe it by recovering from our efforts to do yard work today that involved only environmentally friendly manual labor.

Specifically, that included spring raking our lawn to reduce thatch, and manual core aerator operation for overseeding our lawn.

The manual core aerator is pictured below and it’s one of a few ways we try to avoid gas-engine powered tools—not that we’re criticizing anyone who uses them. I just can’t figure out how to use a pull cord.

Compare the manual aerator to the Aerator 40”-Z plug Stand-on available at a local rental company here in Iowa City—for $200 a day. It weighs 1, 535 pounds.









We worked like a team today. I was in charge of the aerator. How that works is by grabbing the thing by the black handle and stepping on the cross piece down where the core plugs are, slipping off and scratching my shin but not bad enough to require a field dressing. Sena drops the grass seed, then I throw on the topsoil (available for a dollar a bag), but not quickly enough before the birds swoop in and eat all of the grass seed.

They just chuckle at the environmental friendliness of it all.

We also have a Fiskar reel mower, which I have seldom used because Sena usually does the lawn mowing.

However, now that I’m retiring, things are gonna change around here!

We’re also discussing how to do environmentally friendly grass trimming using trimmers with a long handle to make the work easier on the back. Fiskar makes one but it gets mixed customer reviews. Hand trimmers can be hard on the hands so we may have to get an electric model.

I already have a manual single wheel rotary lawn edger, which I used to use every week. No, I’m not going to tell you the last time I used it. I also prefer using a weed picker that uses absolutely no fossil fuel. It’s right next to the edger and pay no attention to those cobwebs.

Anyway, that’s our humble homage to Earth Day 2018. By the way, Iowa City Parks and Recreation gets the celebration underway from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM at Mercer Park Shelter #1 and Scanlon Gym, 2701 Bradford Street. There will be a community park cleanup, nature scavenger hunt, games, educational activities, inflatables and more. There’s no charge for the event and all ages are welcome.

Enjoy! Bring muscle cream!

4 thoughts on “Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

      1. Jim (Dr. Amos) Please see my post still looking to reconnect with Jenny Lind Porter for AAUW-Austin Marsha Endahl Kramer ( phone no. redacted for privacy) Thank you in advance!


      2. Hi Marsha, unfortunately a couple of years ago, the Austin Historic Landmark Commission decided to demolish her house. I have no information on a forwarding address. I have not spoken to Dr. Porter or seen her in over 40 years. However, I’ve been contacted by those who would like to find her.


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