Bicycles For Boomers?

In phased retirement it can be challenging to find ways to get enough exercise. Until recently I used to run all over the hospital and climb a lot of stairs every day as a consulting psychiatrist. Sena and I are kicking around some ideas. Well, let’s put it bluntly–Sena has some ideas and she’s kicking me with them.

Still looking for a dragon to slay.

While we were out power walking this morning (she made me do it!), we talked about getting bicycles. Bicycles for Boomers? Let me tell you, it has been a while.

I think the last time we were on two wheels was about 6 years ago in Madison, Wisconsin. That was in July and the Tour of America’s Dairyland bike race was going on downtown.

machinery row bikes
Jim and Sena at Machinery Row

It led to our visiting Machinery Row Bicycles on Williamson Street, where bikes cost several grand but which rent pretty cheap. We huffed and puffed around the neighborhood and over to Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I think it was pretty close to 100 degrees that day in the shade.

Money to blow? Machinery Row!

Prior to that, I believe the last time we were on bikes was over a decade ago at one of the annual meetings of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. I think it was in Texas and pretty hot that day as well.

We had a little trouble getting the hang of it both times.

We’re not likely to get a tandem bike and, although there are a couple of bike shops in Iowa City, the web sites look like they’re not exactly marketing for the Baby Boomers over 60 crowd, if you know what I mean.

I found a website for boomer bikers, though. I had no idea there were so many kinds of bikes–nor did I know they cost so much these days. Some go for several thousand dollars. That reminds me; we also visited with our financial planner today. While it’s very unlikely we’ll outlive our savings, frugality is a virtue and that definitely includes bicycle pricing.

Maybe Walmart for a couple of cruisers?

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2 thoughts on “Bicycles For Boomers?

  1. Jim – Plenty of great bikes out there. I have been cycling for over 35 years. Recommend going to a pro bike shop and they can set you up with a great bike for style, skill and price range and make sure it fits. Bargain bikes from big box stores often end up collecting dust.

    An indoor trainer is also a quick way to spin up into the 10-16 MET range and avoid the joint trauma of running.

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