Flip Phones Are Back?

Sena mentioned she saw an article about the comeback of flip phones. I’m sure this was deliberate because I got a smartphone in late 2015. Until then we both had flip phones. However, this is not the first time there’s been a buzz about the return of the “brick” phone as the author of a recent article mentions–which is ironical.

A brick phone is a nonfunctional phone. Useless as a brick. Get it? And the last line is about the retro trend being a “joke” by the new year. The return of the flip phone is not viewed with confidence but disdain. Then why bother?


Sena got another flip phone when I switched to a smartphone. I use my smartphone as a phone and not much else, except as a step counter. It was a major purchase, yet it spends most of the time plugged into the charger. I’m not trendy.


The flip phones are dinosaurs from the 1990s, I guess. In fact, we didn’t even get cell phones until a big snowstorm in, I think, 2004 (or was it 2007?). I was stuck at the hospital and Sena was coming to pick me up. She was out in the blizzard and nearly got stuck in the middle of the road. She finally turned around and went home, but spent so much time stranded I waited what seemed like an eternity, worried sick about her. I ended up camping in my office for the night.


We said “never again” and got flip phones. We felt like the Jetsons–until the residents persuaded me that it was time for a smartphone.


My flip phone worked. I just figured it was time to upgrade. I was unhappy about the price tag, but I thought that was just the way things go. I was the same way as a kid about bicycles. I got my first bike with my newspaper route money. I think it cost twenty bucks. It was a used 24 inch rattletrap. It was not stylish; it was mostly red which masked the rust. I was thrilled. My younger brother got a gold Sting-Ray. They were really hip in the early 1960s. He could pop wheelies and fishtail. I could ride to the grocery store.


My smartphone has a better camera than my flip phone did. I have apps for it which I almost never use. But I have the Sting-Ray of phones.


And now I may be going back to the flip phone–but not right away. I don’t want to be passe in 2019. I think it will be OK to be passe after that.