Can I Just Eat The Pizza?

Just about every day during the week is starting to feel like Saturday, although occasionally I still get pangs of guilt for not being at work.

I used to focus on the psychiatric core competency pizza. Now I actually make the pizza and we just eat it.

We sometimes talk about the “retirement home.” That doesn’t mean the cooperative. It means moving and possibly building (good lord!).

These musings probably are connected with spring, which is my favorite season. I’m impatient for the leaves and the grass to pop and go green. It’s all about change. However, while the oak tree out in the front yard is certainly changing, it’s still going to be an oak tree.

As a retiree, I’m changing in a different way. I wonder what I’ll become when I no longer define myself as a consultation-liaison psychiatrist.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”—Lao Tzu.

Anyway, I’m looking at my fancy birdhouse and remembering we moved into a smaller house with a smaller mortgage for a reason—to save more money for our retirement. And also, to build our retirement home, a prospect I’m about which I’m ambivalent.


I’m never going to actually hang the fancy birdhouse in a tree. The gnome guarding it needn’t worry.

On the other hand, I’m also not going to build a more modest birdhouse, say, for Bill and Coo, the Mourning Doves, who have evidently decided not to build a nest anywhere around our house. They looked a little grumpy the last time we saw them.

They’re picky and would never go for the usual walled in birdhouse. We’re picky too. We’re not keen on things like screened porches, which seem to get tacked on every house built. They keep out some of the bugs but they let in a lot of dust. What’s wrong with a pergola?

I would like a wise adviser to consult with sometimes about how to navigate the transformation now occurring in my life. Sometimes, in folklore, bears are the symbols of this power. We’ve got one in our back garden—sort of.  Isn’t that strange? The practical consultant could use a little help from a consultant.

Just eat the pizza, dude.