Window Box Work in Progress

Yesterday, Sena started working on the window box. Remember that when Bill and Coo were checking it out for nesting?

We’re all about withering stares, pal.

They have not returned except briefly to fix me with a withering stare, but now I wonder.

This is about a work in progress, a term applicable to a great many projects, including people. I sometimes wonder if we should carry signs saying we’re under construction.

I took a walk to the Clear Creek Trail before she got to work on the window box. I put almost two and a half miles on the step counter, round trip.

You can definitely call me a work in progress when it comes to nature photography. I keep telling myself I’ll buy a better camera—one day.

On my way to the trail, I heard the Cardinal before I spotted him. I’ll take any constructive advice about how to improve, including cameras other than a point and shoot.

I took the new single-track trail on the west side this time and noticed another work in progress. There is a big focus on conservation and a sign was posted to educate people about something called riparian stream buffers. Conservation is always a work in progress, I guess.

Hey, it’s education, not a bird bathroom.

There are some handy new bridges crossing the stream at intervals, some in varying stages of construction. One sign had an apt announcement about the trail being a work in progress. At least it didn’t say “pardon our progress.”

I saw a pair of geese heading up the creek, which looks a little on the low side. We’re supposed to get rain soon.

I’m not a big fan of snakes, but garter snakes keep the rodent population down.

When I got back, Sena was just getting ready to work on the window box. She wouldn’t allow me to take a picture of her, only her shoes. They have lime green shoelaces which matches the Citronelle Coral Bells headed for the box.

I’m a beginner when it comes to a lot of activities that seem to be arising as I enter retirement and that includes gardening. Oh, I can lug around bags of topsoil and mulch with the best of them. On the other hand, I have trouble with the names of plants.

I can recognize geraniums. Golden Spring Alyssum is new to me, though. It’s supposedly deer and rabbit resistant. I wonder if it will attract Bill and Coo.

Another one is called Blizzard Sandwort. It’ll have white flowers which I guess remind people of snow. Hey, it’s spring. I’m trying to forget winter.

Then there’s asparagus fern. It’s green if that helps. I’m a work in progress.