Chuck the Woodchuck Checks the Weather–and Eats Our Grass

We’re getting some rain right now and we see that the woodchuck is back. This is what I’ve been calling a groundhog but because Sena named him Chuck, it’s time to call him a woodchuck.

We’ve got a storm coming. Chuck was pretty alert and was listening and scanning the horizon as he munched on our grass (Get outta there, Chuck!). Every few seconds, he would stand up, listen, and look.

He seemed a little nervous and when the thunder started he headed for a tree. We thought he had a den hidden back there, but couldn’t see any sign of it. While the forecasters on the Weather Channel were talking about tornado warnings in Kansas and Oklahoma as well as thunderstorm watches in our area–Chuck was feeding his face.

Chuck needs to wash his hands more often–and find another yard for dinner. We just heard the Tornado Warning siren. This will be a short post.