I’m Dabbling These Days–and All Wet

Today I learned that mallard ducks are called dabblers. I’m a dabbler in another sense of that word as in I’m dabbling in nature photography lately. I got a couple of shots of a drake mallard out on the Clear Creek Trail. I’ve read that the drakes don’t quack–they kreep, whatever that sounds like.

I’ve also spotted a couple of wildflowers that I can’t identify, which is nothing unusual for me. I can’t identify hardly any of them. The yellow one looks sort of like a buttercup and the purple one resembles some kind of violet. Maybe somebody can help me out with these.

You’ll notice the drake mallard’s head is wet. That’s because he sometimes dips below the water and may even tip completely upside down when feeding. I’ve occasionally gotten the impression that some people think I’m all wet. Can’t imagine why.

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