I Guess I’m Just Plain Lazy

Just a short one today because I’m just plain lazy. I saw a couple of posts from retired surgeon, Dr. Cory S. Fawcett. Wow. I’m very impressed with his energy. He’s a physician adapting to retirement in a healthy, fun way. I’ve read another post of his in which he talks about some things he’s learned since retirement.

He sleeps better. He really doesn’t miss practicing medicine. Every day feels like Saturday. He doesn’t worry about running out of money he’s saved for retirement.

Dr. Fawcett sounds like a happy retired doctor. I’m hoping it gets half as good for me as it does for him. On the other hand, he makes me tired. I had to go for a walk after reading about his first year of retirement in which he circled the earth several times, wrote a thousand books, did stand up comedy, ran for President and so on.

I’m more of a slug than a live wire, although I believe in walking for exercise. After all, I got used to walking all over the general hospital as a psychiatric consultant. I can still easily get a couple of miles out on the Clear Creek Trail.

I know this is not a very good picture of a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and I promise I’m in the learning stage about getting a digital SLR camera. But this bird was way up in the tree and I’m just lucky he didn’t take off across the woods. He had a gorgeous song.

Most birds are pretty shy and won’t pose for pictures. Cardinals tend to tease me. They let me get just close enough and fly a mile off before I can get my camera focused. I can hear Catbirds miaowing. I can even see them–but they’re gone before I can even turn on the camera.

I saw a flower on the trail that looked like wild Vinca (later found out it’s Wild Blue Phlox). I also found wide swaths of Virginia Bluebells.

What is this?

And I found a wildflower I can’t identify. See if you can help me.

Taking it easy

I’m mostly too lazy to look it up.