Bill and Coo Take a Second Look at the Window Box

Bill and Coo are back house hunting again, taking a second look around our window box which has been festooned with flowers. Most of the spikey plastic artificial stuff is gone so it’s much more comfortable to sit in—especially the Golden Spring Alyssum.

They don’t seem that impressed. You’d think they’d appreciate it more since it’s open house every day. The terms are reasonable. They get to poop all over the place and there’s no Home Owners Association fee.

“Not signing anything yet–mostly because we have chick-pea sized brains and no hands.”

They’re also still looking over the back-yard tree limb which has no foliage now since it was trimmed away. They could try building a nest, but it would just fall over the side—not that they’d care much. They would just move somewhere else.

There is a water hazard. We’ll need to water the window box frequently. No lightening but they better get flood insurance.

They’ll have to contend with neighbors. A Robin is lurking around. House Finches are checking things out too.

Your thoughts?

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