Bill and Coo Offer Poop as Down Payment

Bill and Coo, the Mourning Doves, are still checking out our window box. Coo seems to like pecking at and smashing down the flowers on one side, which Bill readily aids and abets. The question is, can they afford it? Does this represent a “want” or a “need” sort of purchase?

Click to enlarge

We’re at best ambivalent about their persistence. The window box will ultimately not be the best home for them. We’ll have to water the it frequently, which will likely smash any eggs they lay. We feel bad about it, but we don’t want to break their hearts again. Recall the reason for hanging around in the first place–we accidentally trimmed the key tree limb from their first nest in the back yard last year.

Poop is what they have to pay and it’s just not legal tender. And eventually the cost will be much higher than they know. So we’re rattling the shades and tapping the window every time we catch them messing around in the window box. It’s for their own good, but I’m sure they don’t see it that way–mainly because their brains are too small.

No battery, no camera.

This reminds me to update you about the new Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera I bought–and had for only about 24 hours because I could not charge the battery, which was probably defective. Just my luck. A battery that costs about 10% of the total price plus tax of a camera that costs several hundred dollars, rendered useless. I know you might think I’m too easily discouraged, but I felt guilty about spending all that money in the first place.

It’s the principle of the thing. The more high-tech moving parts there are, the more ways there are to go wrong–and the more money I have to spend. It could go on forever, especially since the camera was explicitly marketed for beginners. Besides, I don’t really need it, though I admit I did want it.

I returned it for a refund. Money is not poop. Maybe I’ll have to settle for the polaroid we found on the WoodPecker Singletrack Trail. All I need to do is wipe off the Woodpecker poop, which I suppose I could then offer to Bill and Coo–as a bribe to move somewhere else.

Polaroid covered in Woodpecker poop.

Your thoughts?

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