A Little Bird Told Me…I Need Another Reel Mower

We saw a Scarlet Tanager from our window this morning. I managed to get a couple of those grainy snapshots using the point and shoot you love so much. And then I got an idea–get another reel mower.

Scarlet Tanager in our back yard.

At first, what I was going to do was donate the old reel mower to Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Iowa City, although I don’t yet know yet if they’d accept it. Anyway, I guess you could say that a little brightly colored bird (which is what “tanager” means; it’s a South American Tupi Indian word) told me I would be getting another reel mower.

And then there were two.

And then there were two. We’re not so ready to part with the old mower yet. I got the new one put together (basically assembling the handle and attaching it to the mower) and took it for a spin. They both cut about the same, which speaks well for the old one.

I’m getting the hang of this reel mower thing, gradually. I’m a little sore right now and may need liniment.

Get the liniment ready!

By the way, I just saw a blog post from Vikram Rohra, which mentioned a study showing physical activity may protect against depression regardless of age and geographical region. I wonder if mowing with a reel mower counts.  Vikram is a senior medical student in Saudi Arabia, planning to enter a psychiatry residency. Give it a read and wish him luck.

Your thoughts?

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