The Little Chair Belongs In The Great House

camp stool for CL Psychiatrists

It turns out there is a recorded video (look for item 3C-4) of the Austin Historic Landmarks Commission (AHLC) meeting on July 25, 2016 which includes the public discussion of Dr. Jenny Lind Porter’s Casa Magni, her house slated for demolition. Hereafter I’ll refer to the house as Casa Magni because that’s what she called […]

The Gift of Dr. Jenny Lind Porter

Jenny Lind Porter House

The Lantern of Diogenes All maturation has a root in quest. How long thy wick has burned, Diogenes! I see thy lantern bobbing in unrest When others sit with babes upon their knees Unconscious of the twilight or the storm, Along the streets of Athens, glimmering strange, Thine eyes upon the one thing keeps thee […]

Vote For The Respectable Name

Dr. Janus Amos

My vote has been cast in the new Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (APM) name change poll extravaganza and it’s no secret I prefer C-L Psychiatry, despite the name of my blog. It was a simple enough poll. First it asked what name my organization currently uses and then it requested my suggestion for an alternative. […]

CPCP: Clozapine and Seizure Risk by Medical Student Arvinder Jandu


We owe  many thanks to senior medical student Arvinder Jandu for today’s Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation on the risk of seizures in patients taking clozapine. Arvinder will be heading to a residency in Emergency Room Medicine–I envy the ER which will be enhanced by his drive, talent, and tenacity. It’s another example […]

The Mystery of Dr. Jenny Lind Porter

Jenny Lind Porter House

I found an article about Dr. Jenny Lind Porter’s former Texas home at 1715 Summit View Place, published in the June 30, 2016 issue of the on line version of the Austin Monitor, written by Elizabeth Pagano. She was my English Professor when I was an undergraduate in the mid-1970s at what was then Huston-Tillotson […]