Longevity Amazes Me

I still check my office email two or three times a day even though, technically, I'm in phased retirement and off service right now. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to manage the junk mail overflow unless I do that, though. At least, that's my excuse. Anyway, I got this email with a … Continue reading Longevity Amazes Me

Rebranding Psychiatry: More About Marketing or Soul Searching?

Is rebranding psychiatry more about a marketing strategy or soul searching for identity? Since my post on rebranding psychiatry, I’ve returned to Dr. Stephen Strakowski’s Medscape article which prompted it, (Stephen M. Strakowski. ‘Does Psychiatry Need Rebranding’? —Medscape—May 11, 2018). As I read the growing list of comments, I feel tired and want to find … Continue reading Rebranding Psychiatry: More About Marketing or Soul Searching?

Kudos to Dr. George Dawson for Efforts to Prevent Violence Against Health Care Workers

I would like to thank Dr. George Dawson for his post on the need to prevent violence against health care workers. I very much appreciate his taking the time to interview with the organization trying to raise awareness of this workplace threat. I agree that the most common patients who become violent are delirious and/or … Continue reading Kudos to Dr. George Dawson for Efforts to Prevent Violence Against Health Care Workers

When Not in Doubt, Shell it Out

Today I was reminded of something me and my medical school classmates read in the Robbins textbook we used for Gross Anatomy class--"when in doubt, shell it out." Today, without a doubt because I was no longer in doubt, I shelled out some real money for a DSLR camera. OK, maybe I still had some … Continue reading When Not in Doubt, Shell it Out

More Manual Labor

My manual grass trimmer arrived today--at 5 PM so it was too late to try it out. Whew, that was close. Before I opened the box, it felt like it was empty. It's really light weight, for lightweights like me, I guess. While I was waiting for UPS to deliver the trimmer, I watched as … Continue reading More Manual Labor

On Rebranding Psychiatry

I saw a great post on PsiHub and just attempted to comment on Dr. Stephen Strakowski's Medscape Post entitled "Does Psychiatry Need 'Rebranding'?" It was approved although I'm posting a longer version of it here as well because it's not accessible without registering (although it's free). I’m a retiring consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatrist and have no … Continue reading On Rebranding Psychiatry

Fare Well

I get messages from Dr. Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD at Virtue Medicine announcing the focus of the monthly Finding Meaning in Medicine meetings for physicians. Each meeting is guided by a pre-assigned one word topic. I have never attended a meeting but the topic for May is "Fare-Well." What struck me about the topic is the … Continue reading Fare Well