Raining In Seattle And That’s OK

We just got back from our vacation trip to Seattle, which is Pacific Northwest native american dialect for “land of the broken umbrella.” It rained a lot but that didn’t stop us. We put around 25 miles in on the pedometer over the week we were there. We flew first class for the first time […]

What’s Obecalp Got to Do with Elvis Anyway? Another Post from the Extended Stay Hotel

I just recently re-encountered the word “obecalp” and this brings back memories of medical school. You know, “obecalp”, which is just “placebo” spelled backwards, turned up in Dr. Henry Nasrallah’s editorial in the August issue of Current Psychiatry, link http://www.currentpsychiatry.com/article_pages.asp?aid=9753. I had no idea obecalp was being marketed on-line. I also didn’t know that the term was […]

Camping at the Extended Stay Hotel

We’re camping at the extended stay hotel while we wait to close on our new house. It’s not brand new but seems like it. The sound of “extended stay” and what that could portend gets to me a little sometimes. I keep reminding myself its temporary. Hey, the desk clerks are friendly and helpful. Our […]