Changing The Three Legged Stool

Last week I got great news from the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Kolin Good, MD at Reading Hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania. They just opened their own medical-psychiatry unit after 5 years of hard work and consultations with The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. My role was to acquaint the Reading leadership […]

Upload To The Psychiatric Consultant Supercomputer?

I often wonder if Artificial Intelligence (AI) mavens could come up with a better psychiatric consultant for the general hospital. I have renewed interest in the idea now that the National Geographic Channel is halfway through the 6 episodes series, “Year Million.” It’s a fun, speculative, futurist view of how computers are becoming more integrated […]

Neuropsychiatry, Encephiatrics, and Ergasiology, Oh My!

First of all, a shout-out regarding the NICE Guidelines for Delirium update. Remember my broken links post about this in November? Well, as promised, the NICE Guidelines have been updated and we now have access to a much better organized and responsive web site which allows downloads of valuable guidance about monitoring for and managing […]

Neuroscience Medicine Consultants Replace Psychosomaticists?

My former teacher, Dr. William R. Yates, has made a bold proposal to form a new specialty, Neuroscience Medicine, by combining Psychiatry and Neurology, which he has outlined succinctly: Neuroscience Medicine: The Time Has Come A bold proposal by my former teacher to create a new specialty. — James Amos (@jamostheelder) June 8, 2016 […]

APM Annual Meeting 2015 Highlights: Day 5

Last day for us. Yesterday evening I attended the session “Medical Psychiatric Inpatient Integrated Care Models: History, Challenges and Benefits Shared by Four Institutions.” My colleagues Dr. Vicki Kijewski and Dr. Gen Shinozaki were presenting and moderating, respectively. It was very interesting to learn of the other methods that exist to approach the challenge of […]