By Request, More Thoughts on the Psychiatrist Shortage

Vikram Kumar Rohra, a senior medical student who has own his blog site, Psihub, as for my comments on an article ( "Addressing the Escalating Psychiatrist Shortage" by Stacy Weiner, posted February 13, 2018, AAMC News) about the shrinking psychiatric work force. Part of the challenge is, as Vikram points out, is the graying out phenomenon. … Continue reading By Request, More Thoughts on the Psychiatrist Shortage

The Geezer is “Not Meeting MOC Requirements”

I enjoyed reading Dr. George Dawson’s recent blog post on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) in which he supports the principle of lifelong learning while questioning the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) attempt at modeling the principle, known as MOC. I applaud his decision to participate in the alternative certification board, the National Board of … Continue reading The Geezer is “Not Meeting MOC Requirements”


Here's my first post for the new year and it's about perspective. I got the idea while griping about the cold weather we've had for the past few days. I had to enlist the aid of two of our Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry mascots to keep an eye on the office thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature … Continue reading Perspective

Happy Holidays from the Retiring Geezer

I noticed a JAMA Network title today, "Is It Time to Retire?" I say title because I couldn't access the piece itself, probably because I'm not registered with JAMA Network. However, the title fits with my current situation because I'm in phased retirement. I found a podcast based on the article, which was published in … Continue reading Happy Holidays from the Retiring Geezer

Odds And Ends Today

Odds and ends today. There is a new message from Bev about the Mindfulness programs at Iowa and it begins with a nice quote: It only takes a reminder to breathe, a moment to be still, and just like that, something in me settles, softens, makes space for imperfection. The harsh voice of judgment drops … Continue reading Odds And Ends Today

News Flash: Retiree Fooling Around With Painted Ladies

As many of you know, I'm adjusting to phased retirement. It's reminding me of Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program I took about nine years ago. It was a time when I was negotiating a major change in life. It was focused on work.  I now have a new perspective … Continue reading News Flash: Retiree Fooling Around With Painted Ladies

Maintenance of Certification: Point-Counterpoint

By now, many doctors have seen the JAMA viewpoint article in support of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) but you might have missed the rejoinder on MedPage Today. See my tweet below: I read the JAMA viewpoint by Dr. Welcher and colleagues and I was trying to think of a response. Then I discovered the … Continue reading Maintenance of Certification: Point-Counterpoint