On The American Psychiatric Association Elections 2017…And Other Thoughts


Today is the last day American Psychiatric Association (APA) members can vote in the 2017 election. Even though I am not a member, I’ve gotten email messages from one candidate, Dr. Brian Crowley, MD, who is running for APA Secretary. One of his main campaign issues is abolishing Maintenance of Certification (MOC). When I asked […]

Time to Scrub MOC


It’s time to scrub Maintenance of Certification (MOC). I see the American Psychiatric Association (APA) candidates for President (Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey, M.D.) and Secretary (Dr. Brian Crowley, M.D.) are running for office based partly on platforms that promise to “abolish MOC.” I’ve inquired about their specific plan for doing so. My question to both […]

The Geezer’s 2016 Year In Review: Just You Wait!


We’re getting closer to the new year and it looks like we have to be patient and wait to see how a lot of things are going to turn out in 2017. Have you had a look at the Clozapine REMS Program website? Remember that promise or threat that patients would not get clozapine if […]

Physicians, Stay Alert for Payloads!


  I’m off service for a few days and I’ve had more time than usual to catch up on some of the news, like the American Medical Association (AMA) endorsement of President Elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Tom Price, Rep. from Georgia. I think […]

CPCP: Changing The Way We Manage Alcohol Withdrawal: Dr. Puja Toprani


Now here’s something you haven’t seen in a while; a Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation! This is an outstanding example of a reflective improvement exercise embodying the principle of lifelong learning and implementing a just-in-time clinical improvement plan. It’s by Dr. Puja Toprani, MD, a Family Medicine resident who wants to build a […]