Mindfulness Programs Update: A Letter from Bev

This is a guest post from Bev about the new upcoming mindfulness programs. These always remind me of my own daily mindfulness practice, which I’ve been doing since my last class on July 29, 2014. The C-L Psychiatry service is still hectic and, like the quote indicates below, I still have to deal with noise, […]


A couple of days ago I saw a short article online which led to my finding out about something else. That happens when I’m surfing the web. The title of the article was “Can You Guess What These Antique Objects Were Used For?” I hesitated because I don’t like to think I’m old enough that […]


Here’s my first post for the new year and it’s about perspective. I got the idea while griping about the cold weather we’ve had for the past few days. I had to enlist the aid of two of our Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry mascots to keep an eye on the office thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature […]

Geezer Comments on Single Payer Systems

I’m well into my first year of phased retirement and time moves quickly the older I get, which has made me look at the debate about a single-payer system with increasing interest. There are a couple of options including Sen. Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All Act (S. 1804) and the Physicians for a National Health […]

Simply Move Your Refrigerator

I read an excellent post by my colleague Dr. George Dawson, MD, DFAPA, “How Will Electronic Pill Monitoring Be Accepted In A Post-Orwellian Society?” I think one of the subtexts is how complicated the process actually is on assessing medication non-adherence in patients. On the opposite end is over-complicating medical and psychiatric assessment and treatment. […]