Maxims And Birdhouses

For the past day or two I've been trying to remember who wrote an article with the word "maxims" in the title. I finally recalled "Simone's Maxims." The full title is "Understanding Academic Medical Centers: Simone's Maxims." I don't recall how or why I first found this paper about the academic medical organizational culture by … Continue reading Maxims And Birdhouses

A Psychiatrist Looks at “Fiat Lux”

I've been ignoring the news for the most part in the last few days--lots of sharply polarized, adversarial content. I notice I feel a lot better. My habit is to read the news in the morning over coffee in my home office. But for the last couple of days, I've been sitting in my chair, … Continue reading A Psychiatrist Looks at “Fiat Lux”

Vintage Geezer

I have a vintage calculator which is probably over 33 years old and running just fine on only its second set of batteries. It's the Sharp Elsimate EL-505--with Auto Power Off mind you. I read an online article about it. It was written by someone who said it was listed on a website for vintage … Continue reading Vintage Geezer

World Delirium Awareness Day and QTc Prolongation Update

Today is World Delirium Awareness Day! And this is also National Patient Safety Awareness Week! Here's an issue relevant to both. As a psychiatric consultant in the general hospital, I get questions from colleagues about psychotropic drugs and cardiac conduction prolongation, often measured by the EKG parameter called the corrected QT interval or QTc. Relevant … Continue reading World Delirium Awareness Day and QTc Prolongation Update

World Delirium Awareness Day is Coming Like a Zombie!

World Delirium Awareness Day is coming like a zombie--and delirium will eat your brain! In keeping with upcoming World Delirium Awareness Day March 14, 2018, here are some oldies but goodies along with a reminders about special cases of delirium. First, a pretty good video summary of the basics which you can access from the … Continue reading World Delirium Awareness Day is Coming Like a Zombie!

National Patient Safety Awareness Week 2018

I saw Dr. George Dawson's post about Dr. Michael Weinstein's commentary entitled "Out of the Straitjacket" in the NEJM published on March 1, 2018. I agree that Dr. Weinstein's experience is compelling and he specifically mentions burnout, a key factor critically important in his depression. Physician burnout fits with National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March … Continue reading National Patient Safety Awareness Week 2018

World Delirium Awareness Day 2018

I just received a message from Professor Luisella Magnani with her contribution to the upcoming World Delirium Awareness Day 2018: As a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist, I see delirium every day. Every physician and allied health care professional should be aware of the myths about delirium and how to counter them: There are numerous ways to participate in raising … Continue reading World Delirium Awareness Day 2018