American Delirium Society 6th Annual Meeting Starts Today!

This is a shout out regarding the American Delirium Society Annual Meeting in Nashville which starts today. I’m hoping to catch live tweets about the highlights in the next couple of days. I’m always on duty when the meeting is held. The one I did attend a few years ago was fantastic. There was a […]

Delirium and the EEG Revisited: Blog Post by Medical Student Terrence Wong

I’ve got a sharp medical student, Terrence Wong, on my team who is participating in a new delirium detection study headed by one of my colleagues, Dr. Gen Shinozaki, MD working with surgeon Dr. John Cromwell, MD on using a simplified EEG procedure to detect delirium. It just might help move the clouds away from a […]

Pharmacologic Management of Delirium: Remember Humility

My wife alerted me to an interesting article about a man arrested for driving while intoxicated who reported that he had auto-brewery syndrome. The most recent article I could find in PubMed which had any credibility cast doubt on the authenticity of the condition and I have to admit I don’t have any confidence in the […]

American Delirium Society Annual Meeting 2016!

This is a shout-out about the American Delirium Society (ADS) 2016 meeting, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee June 1-3, 2016. The theme is “Improving Care Through the Integration of Science and Policy.” Those interested in presenting can download  the call for proposals here. Proposals for symposia, workshops and roundtables should be submitted by September 14, […]

American Delirium Society Blog by Dr. James Rudolph

Hey, here’s a shout-out about a new blog post by Jim Rudolph, MD, on the American Delirium Society (ADS) website: Building a Quality Program Around Delirium | American Delirium Society via @sharethis New blog post on ADS site — James Amos (@jamostheelder) August 16, 2015 I commented although I’m reposting it here until ADS […]