CPCP: Neurology and Psychiatry: Divided or United?

I'm particularly proud of today's Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP), "Neurology and Psychiatry: Divided Or United?" Partly that's because one of the trainees who worked on it is a Neurology resident, Dr. Abdel Wahed, and I always enjoy their participation on the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry service. That said, the medical student, Nicoll, and the Family … Continue reading CPCP: Neurology and Psychiatry: Divided or United?

Default Mode Network: Wandering

I've been mulling over the Default Mode Network (DMN) lately. What got me interested in the DMN was Dr. George Dawson's Real Psychiatry blog post "Coffee Shop Neuroscience" published on October 22, 2016. https://twitter.com/jamostheelder/status/803731556451819520 The other major influence on my mind wandering back and forth between the everyday world and the mystery of the DMN … Continue reading Default Mode Network: Wandering

Neuroscience Unchained or How to Make Play-Doh Brains

I just saw a post by Dr. George Dawson that made me think about neuroscience differently. He mentioned the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI). I sometimes make fun of neuroscience, but it turns out the joke is on me because the people at NNCI make a pretty decent case for neuroscience being teachable and practical. … Continue reading Neuroscience Unchained or How to Make Play-Doh Brains

Mobile Unifying Shrink Hospital (M.U.S.H.)?

I read Dr. William Yates' recent post on the promise of neuroscience education in medicine. https://twitter.com/jamostheelder/status/739576767367651329 Bill was one of my favorite teachers and his enthusiasm has always been infectious to me and other trainees he has mentored. He announces an upcoming post on his proposal for a name change for neurology and psychiatry which … Continue reading Mobile Unifying Shrink Hospital (M.U.S.H.)?

Psychosomatic Medicine: Who Are We?

I received a fascinating proposal regarding the issue over a new name to replace "Psychosomatic Medicine" for our specialty. My former teacher, Dr. William R. Yates, MD, FAPM, just sent me this message about his thoughts on the matter: Your posts have got me thinking on this topic. Here is my proposal. 1. Combine neurology … Continue reading Psychosomatic Medicine: Who Are We?

Clinical Neuroscience and Psychiatry Hand in Hand?

The short video below introduces today's blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b66YaLMHmqs&feature=youtu.be I read a great post by Dr. George Dawson about neuroscience, which seemed to be a nice counterpoint about my rant on the same subject. Compare the tweets below: https://twitter.com/jamostheelder/status/579595852664061952 https://twitter.com/jamostheelder/status/576446810601881600 What got this started was the JAMA Psychiatry article published March 13, "The Future of Psychiatry … Continue reading Clinical Neuroscience and Psychiatry Hand in Hand?

Being Mindful About Neuroscience

OK, so I'm writing this as fast as I can in between seeing patients, so I definitely would like your feedback on the articles I recently encountered and which I also have to read in between seeing patients. First, take a look at a couple of items that tend to complement each other (I hope!). … Continue reading Being Mindful About Neuroscience