The Geezer’s 2016 Year In Review: Just You Wait!

We’re getting closer to the new year and it looks like we have to be patient and wait to see how a lot of things are going to turn out in 2017. Have you had a look at the Clozapine REMS Program website? Remember that promise or threat that patients would not get clozapine if […]

CPCP: Clozapine and Bowel Obstruction by A Medical Student

Comin’ at ya with another great Clinical Problems in Consultation Psychiatry (CPCP) presentation by a stellar medical student, Mark Bevill. This one is on a very important complication of clozapine treatment, constipation, which can lead to potentially life-threatening bowel obstruction. This is another one of those clozapine adverse events for which there is no specific […]

Clozapine Monitors The Problem But Does It Fix The Problem?

OK, are you ready for the new Clozapine REMS Program rules for dispensing clozapine? First go to the website and click on the red update icon, which right now is dated April 29, 2016. There are notices about the Initial Pre-Dispense Authorization (PDA) Launch Plan (which starts this month) and a Full PDA Launch Plan […]

Clozapine REMS Program, Are You Threatening Me?

I got a notice from PDR Drug Alerts about the Clozapine REMS Program yesterday. It’s about that deadline extension for prescribers and pharmacies regarding certification in the program.The letter announces the Initial Pre-Dispense Authorization (PDA) launch for May 2016 and foreshadows what may happen later this year when the full PDA launches. The bottom line? […]

Clozapine: We Can Handle It

I got a big charge out of a recent story about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Area 51 connection. Why is there a Men In Black sort of aura about her? Sure, we can handle the truth about Area 51, UFOs, Bigfoot, Santa Claus and whatnot. But can we handle the truth about the clozapine crisis? […]