Countering The Groundhog Effect

We’ve got a groundhog waking up and bulldozing our back yard, even though snow is forecast today. It’s pretty good at just putting its head down and pushing through almost anything in its path including leaves, sticks, small rocks, flowers, and so on. The groundhog's single-minded digging has helped uncover bones and pottery of old … Continue reading Countering The Groundhog Effect

A Short History: Interview With The Geezer

As the 100th year anniversary of the University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry approaches in 2019, I find myself wondering how my personal history intersects with it since I'll be retired in 2020 after being on faculty for about 22 years and associated with the College of Medicine and the Psychiatry Residency for 30 years. … Continue reading A Short History: Interview With The Geezer

Career Transitions: Quitting My Day Job

A few of us in phased retirement were invited to present our perspectives on it at a meeting this fall. The title is "Career Transitions: preparing for life without a day job." Quitting your day job doesn't make you a quitter by any means. Speakers will cover financial topics, staying engaged after retirement, pitfalls to … Continue reading Career Transitions: Quitting My Day Job

Art of the Real Deal

I arrived early for my appointment. I was a little nervous because it was my first meeting with a financial planner and agent for the company in which I hold the bulk of my retirement savings. So of course I accepted the receptionist's offer of a cup of coffee. It was one of those single … Continue reading Art of the Real Deal

The Little Chair

Last week I ran into Dr. Timothy A. Thomsen, MD, a Palliative Care Physician and colleague who had given me my camp stool. He was carrying his own little chair. He's planning to retire in the next couple of years. We talked about the little chairs, which he gave me and another colleague, Dr. Clark, … Continue reading The Little Chair

“If You Don’t Stand for Something…”

Did you see the latest episode of X-Files season 11 on Wednesday this week? Were you puzzled about the quote that Fox Mulder attributed to Malcolm X? Two reviewers of the episode seemed to accept it at face value. The quote "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" probably didn't originate with … Continue reading “If You Don’t Stand for Something…”


This is a just a short post about my gratitude. It is prompted by a couple of messages I received last week. One of them was from Dr. Luisella Magnani, letting me know about the International Guide "Are you worried about your child?" She was one of the participants who put the guide together. It's … Continue reading Gratitude