How to Add Value to Patient Care and be Fiscally Responsible: Let Us Count the Ways

Every once in a while, I scan over Dr. Roger Kathol’s web site in order to get inspiration, Cartesian Solutions – Home Page. Roger is one of my former teachers when I was a resident psychiatrist and I always enjoy seeing him at the annual Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine meetings. His vision for complexity-based integrated […]

If the CAM-ICU and Other Delirium Screeners are Insensitive and Impractical, What are the Implications of the Neufeld Study?

Those of you who read my blog from 3/27/2011 are now aware of the newly published study that tends to cast doubt on the sensitivity of the Confusion Assessment Method-Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU) in identifying delirium in non-critically ill patients[1]. The CAM-ICU is a popular choice for nurses to use in screening for delirium, largely […]

Study Casts Doubt on the Sensitivity of the CAM-ICU in Non-Critically Ill Hospitalized Patients

I just received my copy of the latest issue of Psychosomatics and noticed an article about the evaluation of two delirium screening tools for use by nurses, the Confusion Assessment Method-Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU) and the Intensive Care Delirium Screening Checklist (ICDSC).  The conclusion has implications for our delirium prevention program: This study suggests that […]

Delirium Knowledge and Perception Surveys for Both Nurses and Doctors

There are a couple of questions on a proposed survey from one of our delirium prevention committee members for nurses about delirium that raise eyebrows: “The regular use of a brief, nurse-administered screening tool for delirium would help physicians better care for patients.” “When delirium is identified in patient, physicians often…. (check all that apply) […]

Operationalizing the “Severity of Medical Illness” Risk Factor for Delirium

One of the frequently cited major risk factors for delirium cited in delirium treatment and prevention guidelines is “severe medical illness”. A member of our committed did some digging into the origin of this in the medical literature. It turns out that validated rating scales outside of ICU populations are a little difficult to find. […]