The Clinician Educator Revisited

This is anything but a scholarly work, but my thoughts about the role of the clinician educator in academia need expression. The last time I wrote about this was about the time I started blogging, back in 2011. It was in the context, unfortunately, of a resident getting the impression that pursuing a clinician-educator role … Continue reading The Clinician Educator Revisited

Keenan Laraway, MD on Mentorship

I got a nice surprise yesterday. Keenan Laraway, MD is one of the internal medicine residents with whom I've worked. He said some very nice things about me on the Short Coat Podcast on April 12, 2018. He's headed to the University of Pennsylvania for a fellowship in Nephrology. Keenan has rotated through the Psychiatry … Continue reading Keenan Laraway, MD on Mentorship


A couple of days ago I saw a short article online which led to my finding out about something else. That happens when I’m surfing the web. The title of the article was "Can You Guess What These Antique Objects Were Used For?" I hesitated because I don't like to think I'm old enough that … Continue reading Remembrance