Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists Are Rare Birds

Sena alerted me to yet another on line article about the physician burnout crisis in America. The author focused on the usual contributors including the electronic medical record (EMR) and the difficulties with workflows that interfere with patient care and physician satisfaction. The article also mentioned the effect of burnout leading to worsening access to … Continue reading Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrists Are Rare Birds

Socks and Docs Disappearing

I've been recovering from an annoying virus lately, which always reminds me of how close I am to retirement. I think of myself as being pretty healthy most of the time and I can still make it up and down about 20 flights of stairs on average. I can wear out an ordinary pair of … Continue reading Socks and Docs Disappearing

That’s Why We’re Here

So my wife got this new stuff called "Poo Pourri" which is something you pour into your toilet bowl before you poop and some fancy surface chemistry later--nothing in the wind. It's a little like taking Beanos before a meal that might make you gassy and break wind, preventive medicine so to speak. There's even … Continue reading That’s Why We’re Here

Can AMOS Help Keep MOL Out of Iowa?

Just a short announcement about a survey I received from a the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) of Greater Des Moines of Iowa. Apparently there is a new organization allied with NAMI called AMOS (A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy). I can't find out much more about it from my office computer because there's a … Continue reading Can AMOS Help Keep MOL Out of Iowa?

MOC: The Race for Money I found the tweet above after I got the usual American Medical Association Political Action Committee (AMPAC) dues invoice asking for the millionth time for a $100 fee to help fund their political action activities. I read the letter and marveled at the ironic ring of one paragraph: You have trained for years; have … Continue reading MOC: The Race for Money

Iowa Board of Medicine Telephone Conference Again: Be There with Bells On!

As you may have already noticed, my rescheduled telephone conference with the Iowa Board of Medicine (IBM) regarding my support of lifelong learning and opposition to Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) is rescheduled for the fourth time to October 25, 2013 at 10:30 AM. I've made minor edits to my elevator pitch to emphasize my opinion … Continue reading Iowa Board of Medicine Telephone Conference Again: Be There with Bells On!

Doctor, Am I Jaded? There are some days I grumble about my work and daydream about early retirement. However, I'm too young to retire and too old to repent.  Unfortunately, one of the residents noticed it and remarked that I'm "jaded." I guess I deserved that. So it didn't surprise me to see an article in a recent … Continue reading Doctor, Am I Jaded?