Do the Right Thing

The “pay for performance” trend for insurance reimbursements to hospitals is a big issue these days, and doing the right things for patients just got a dollar sign attached to it in Michigan. The AMA MorningRounds had an item about it. The five-hospital St. John Providence Health System and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan recently signed a contract that […]

Low Tech or High Tech Better for Patient Care?

A recent AMAMorningRounds article made me think about many of the resident physicians with whom I work. It’s about the tendency for physicians to get a little too absorbed in gadgets like smartphones, computers, and other devices with the intention of having greater access to patient data, drug information, and medical literature. We’ve gone from low […]

How Blogger Awards Bring People Together

I’m still pretty excited about the Versatile Blogger Award and since yesterday when I posted about it, I’ve managed to learn a couple of things about blogger awards. I don’t know how many there are because I didn’t look very wide and deep, but the Liebster Blog Award is similar to the Versatile Blogger Award, at least […]

Delirium Awareness Workshop Tools from NICE Guidelines

ADDENDUM: Apparently the NICE Guidelines are being reorganized into a new format. The links have been updated both within this post and in the Blogroll. This is another very short post on delirium educational tools, at the NICE link, It will take you to the NICE Guideline resource and it’s Delirium Workshop toolkit. It can be […]

On Getting the Versatile Blogger Award

My friend and fellow blogger,  Aliker David Martin, just notified me today that he nominated me to be the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Aliker and congratulations yourself. I’m flabbergasted; the Geezer never gets nominated for anything! So I need to share 7 things about myself as well as post the award and link back to Aliker’s […]