Short Ramble About The New Psychiatry Consult Office

We have a new psychiatry consult office. You can compare it to the old one, which was much smaller. Our printer isn't working yet. And there's no place to put the mascots, at least that I can see so far. I'm also supposed to be moving to a new office again, which will be right … Continue reading Short Ramble About The New Psychiatry Consult Office

Getting Small: Remember Humility

Another rotation of residents and medical students has come and gone and it's on to the next one. But occasionally I like to reflect on what the trainees have done and publicly thank them for their hard work. I was once where they are. We chase around the hospital like a movable feast. We ran … Continue reading Getting Small: Remember Humility

New Mascots…Again

Another mascot bites the dust. This led to one of the senior residents stepping up to the plate and finding...Del and Ron, quite possibly the last psychiatry consult service mascots we will ever need. Del is short for "Delirium," and Ron is short for "Neuron." If you look at either one of them for too … Continue reading New Mascots…Again