Spotting The Mindspot Clinic

So I just heard about an online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) website and it’s called the Mindspot Clinic. The service is advertised as “low cost” and a study published in Psychiatric Services seemed to show that it was effective though there were no controls [1]. The authors developed the program but are “…deriving no personal or financial […]

Demoralization: What If Antidepressants Are Not The Final Answer?

I watched a very interesting show about owls and how well adapted they are to their environment, specifically as predators. Their eyes take up a lot more space than brain in their skulls compared to humans and their hearing is aided by their satellite dish shaped head feather arrangement. Further, they can fly silently, allowing […]

LSD and Psychotherapy for Anxiety Related to Life-Threatening Illness

I found this interesting article on the first study in 40 years to use LSD to facilitate psychotherapy in patients suffering from anxiety related to being faced with a life-threatening illness [1]. There were only 12 subjects, so it’s hard to generalize much, but none of them had a bad trip. According to the introduction, […]

Free Online Journal Club at Psych Practice: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Panic Disorder

I saw the recent post by Psych Practice about another topic for the online journal club. You can access this at Psych Practice: Musings. There are several interesting musings going on, but I’d like to start by saying that this article made me associate to my own psychotherapy training when I was a resident. We […]

Getting The Nod

The medical student currently rotating on the psychiatry consultation service asked me a very astute question yesterday. He wanted to know how psychiatrists get patients to change. We have seen quite a few patients on rounds in the general hospital, and he’s getting a pretty good idea about how the psychiatry consultation service can be a lot like […]