Panopto at The University of Iowa

This is just an announcement about the educational offering through The University of Iowa known as Panopto, Video Capture and Management Platform | Panopto. Using this approach, we can offer free, open access Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) available through University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Health Pro Network. Because the list of […]

Why Come to Iowa?

“Courage, confidence, and honesty.” I walked into the wrong meeting the other day. Have you ever done that? I was looking for a going-away party for a cherished junior faculty member who decided to relocate to Alabama, largely because her daughter wanted to attend Emory University, a little over two hours away from Montgomery where […]

The Geezer Tries to Understand the Affordable Care Act: The Iowa Response

A recent item in the AMA MorningRounds caught my eye. I’m a roll-up-your-sleeves Consult-Liaison psychiatrist and I don’t pretend to understand the Affordable Care Act (ACA), either the law itself or the Supreme Court decision about its constitutionality. But I did try to educate myself a little about it, as any physician ought to try to […]

Psychiatry Research at Iowa: Way Ahead of the Curve

I’m a clinically oriented psychiatric hospitalist at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and I’m interested in the research going on here, which is always way ahead of the curve. One protocol that immediately caught my eye is Dr. Laurie McCormick’s “Ketamine Augmentation of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Patients with Depression.” The description follows: “This […]

Music for The Wandering Iowa Geriatric Education Center Website

Looks like the Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IGEC) website came back to me. Lately I’ve been able to connect only intermittently. I swear if you go again, I’m going to post John Hiatt’s “Gone” on the Home Page. Hey, catch the great educational content before it’s…gone, gone away again.