Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2018 and I plan to observe it by recovering from our efforts to do yard work today that involved only environmentally friendly manual labor. Specifically, that included spring raking our lawn to reduce thatch, and manual core aerator operation for overseeding our lawn. The manual core aerator is pictured below and … Continue reading Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

The Geezer Goes Up On The Roof

This post is on Friday the 13th, but the events happened yesterday--so as not to tempt fate. Because the snow pile in the back yard was diminished almost to nothing, it was time for me to do some real work. This involved some tree trimming--from up on the roof. No images or videos were taken … Continue reading The Geezer Goes Up On The Roof

Mulch, Machines, And Mayhem

It's about 76 degrees and a few wispy clouds, maybe a little humid for mulch labor, but what the heck. I mentioned mulch slinging as maybe being a job for me this weekend and my friend and colleague, Dr. George Dawson, left some cryptic messages about it on my post yesterday. George is looking out … Continue reading Mulch, Machines, And Mayhem