Bicycles For Boomers?

In phased retirement it can be challenging to find ways to get enough exercise. Until recently I used to run all over the hospital and climb a lot of stairs every day as a consulting psychiatrist. Sena and I are kicking around some ideas. Well, let's put it bluntly--Sena has some ideas and she's kicking me … Continue reading Bicycles For Boomers?

Earth Day 2018 Shenanigans

Did you think I would miss posting about Earth Day 2018?  We were up and about early this morning, starting with a healthy breakfast of bacon studded maple sticky buns and hazelnut coffee. I know yesterday I said I’d be too pooped to party because of yard work. Just kidding. Half a bottle of liniment … Continue reading Earth Day 2018 Shenanigans

Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2018 and I plan to observe it by recovering from our efforts to do yard work today that involved only environmentally friendly manual labor. Specifically, that included spring raking our lawn to reduce thatch, and manual core aerator operation for overseeding our lawn. The manual core aerator is pictured below and … Continue reading Enjoy Earth Day 2018! I’ll Be Recovering!

Walk It Off

Bureaucracy annoys me sometimes. I took a break from it and went for a walk today. Walking it off is always good for me. I’m a retiring Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist and it’s usual for me to get 2-3 miles every day on the smartphone app step counter along with around 20 floors because I hate waiting … Continue reading Walk It Off

Love The Elvis Sandwich Tender

I just thought this would be interesting to Elvis Presley fans. You may be interested to know that several popular web-based news services in the summer of 2012 claimed that researchers around that time published a study specifically including the song “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley as being associated with upticks in oxytocin and … Continue reading Love The Elvis Sandwich Tender

Countering The Groundhog Effect

We’ve got a groundhog waking up and bulldozing our back yard, even though snow is forecast today. It’s pretty good at just putting its head down and pushing through almost anything in its path including leaves, sticks, small rocks, flowers, and so on. The groundhog's single-minded digging has helped uncover bones and pottery of old … Continue reading Countering The Groundhog Effect

The Clinician Educator Revisited

This is anything but a scholarly work, but my thoughts about the role of the clinician educator in academia need expression. The last time I wrote about this was about the time I started blogging, back in 2011. It was in the context, unfortunately, of a resident getting the impression that pursuing a clinician-educator role … Continue reading The Clinician Educator Revisited